Rising Star

Exile’s Fourth Campaign: Rising Star

Since our first event in 2011, Exile has scheduled out and run events in 2 (ish) year long campaigns.  Each campaign has an overarching story, and is filled to the brim with smaller arcs, long plot-lines, and crazy intrigue.  We have found that planning out campaigns, and then moving the world along a number of years before the next campaign starts gives players an incentive to not only play one character’s goals and arcs to completion, but allows new players to come in and not feel lost in years of plot and backstory.

A new campaign means that players can come in on the ground floor.  It means that we do not have to reference 10 years of plot, worried that we might be crossing wires.  It gives new writers a chance to launch new plot without worrying that they have to read almost a decade of backstory to be able to do it right.

Anyway, in November of 2017 we launched Rising Star, Exile’s 4th campaign!  Please enjoy this intro, and the Lore-Book (compiled by our own Rob Z)!

Rising Star

The world of Raia has spent nearly 2000 years rebuilding from a massive cataclysm that shook the planet nearly to its core.  No living histories have survived to document the cause of this near-apocalypse.  What is known is that before the earthquakes and volcanoes and magical storms, the planet consisted of two large continents, on opposite sides of the world.

Now continents are scattered like islands in a vast sea.  The world is bisected by two islands that move from pole to pole, leaving magical storms and residue in their wake.

2018 World Map

Sailors often use these islands for navigational purposes, as each has a bright star that hangs in the night sky, directly over the island, no matter where it is.  The Islands move slowly, taking a century to travel one way from the north to the south pole, and always are directly opposite one another, as if connected by a rod through the center of the world.  For thousands of years, these islands, called the Dawn and Dusk Exile Isles, have been inaccessible to all.  Any who braved the magical storms at sea and survived would find themselves unable to step foot on the island without massive magical backlash.

And so the world moved on, kingdoms rose and fell, treaties were made and broken.  Until one day, five years ago, an expedition to the Dawn Island of Exile discovered that they could finally step foot on the soil.

More expositions followed, and soon it was discovered that, while you could enter the Dawn Island, the landscape was hellishly dangerous.  Trees and ground would shift without warning.  Magical monsters roam the landscape.  Only a few plots of “stable” ground were discovered, and on them, Landings were established.  Small outposts of people crazy enough to want to explore and possibly tame this insane new land.

You have come to Exile to one such Landing.  Harmony’s Landing, named for the woman who discovered the plot of stable land, is home to villains and heroes alike.  Perhaps you came to the island to explore, perhaps to spread your beliefs.  Some have come to escape their sins, others to make new ones.

Whatever the reason, you have come to the Island to make a new story, and it begins here!

Exile Lorebook


The above Lorebook was compiled by one of our players.  From the 3rd to the 4th campaign, the world changed drastically, and so we had a LOT of updates and writing that was released over time about the new kingdoms, world lore, race information, and so on.  Rob was kind enough to compile it into one PDF, and there you will find most of the world information that you will come across in-game.

I recommend that you take some time to read about the kingdoms, as we tried to make the entries short enough to be easy to get through.  It will help you decide where you are from, and will be useful in understanding a lot of the nonsense that runs through town!


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