Alcohol and Marijuana Policy (also Tobacco)

At Exile we allow drinking alcohol and smoking of Marijuana, within reason. It is dangerous to be in an altered state of mind while fighting in the woods, so we require that you be cautious and only partake in moderation.

You must be over 21 for either. As we have players under 21, as well as small children running around, these items are not allowed to be left out where a child can get their hands on them. Marijuana can only be smoked in/by your vehicle, or in the designated Smoking Building.


This is a LARP that allows drinking and smoking in moderation. The goal of the weekend is not to be drunk or high. It should be considered a secondary perk of playing on private propery.

We know that it can be exciting to be able to drink and smoke at a game, but that does not mean we condone anyone being disruptive or dangerous on the property. As it is a private property, we reserve the right have anyone leave at any time. We have done a very good job of being respectful and cautious, and obviously there are mistakes. We take them very seriously. When it comes to issues while inebriated, we have a three strike policy.

Three Strikes

If you are found to be disruptive during the game, and are under the influence of either substance, you will be asked to step out of game for the remainder of the event.

STRIKE ONE: First time we have to ask you to step out of game, you will not be able to drink or smoke for your next event.

STRIKE TWO: The second time, you will not be able to drink or smoke for a year.

STRIKE THREE: If we have to pull you out of game for being disruptive or dangerous three times in a year, you will not be welcome back until the next year.

Tobacco: Cigarettes and Hookah

No smoking in buildings, no hookah setups in the main town. There are two places where hookah can be set up, one where the pot smokers are allowed to smoke, and one in a pavillion on one side of town. We do not want Hookah setups in the buildings or anywhere there could be combat or children, so these are our designated areas.

Police Your Butts

Cigarettes and cigars cannot be smoked in buildings or around areas where people are congregating. If you are going to smoke, please check with those around you that it is ok for you to be smoking around them. When you put them out, you are not to throw butts on the ground or directly in the trash. You can either dispose of butts in one of the active fires, or make sure they are FULLY put out before disposing of them in the trash. If the owners of the property find cigarette butts on the ground we will lose the privledge of smoking on the property

Illegal Substances

Exile’s policy on illegal substances is un-moving. If you are found to have an illegal substances while on the property, or are under the influence of any illegal substances when you are on the property, you will be asked to leave and will not be welcome back.

If you do not leave as you are asked, the authorities will be called. We have no sense of humor on this subject.