Event Dates for 2018

Event Dates for 2018!

Event Location: As we play on a private property located in Williamstown, NJ (08094), and the owner of the property is loathe to put the address on a website.  To get the address, please e-mail, or request the address on our Facebook page.

Event Cost: First event is always free!  Subsequent events are 20$ if you PC, and 10$ if you Full Time NPC!

  • Jan 5-7
    • One-Day Event at a rented alternate location.  We have found that January is the coldest, nastiest month of our year and have a long one-day, indoors, with lots of food and usually some sort of horrible murder!  Visit our Facebook or write for details.
  • Feb 16-18
    • Standard Event Location
  • Mar 23-25

    • Standard Event Location
  • April 6-8
    • Barenheim EVENT AT EXILE’S CAMP

      • Another group is having an all-weekend game at Exile’s camp, and Exiles are welcome to attend!  See our Facebook page for more information and current updates.
  • April 27-29

    • Standard Event Location
  • May 25-27
    • Standard Event Location
  • June 22-24
    • Standard Event Location
  • July 20-22
    • Standard Event Location
  • Aug 17-19
    • Standard Event Location
  • Sept 14-16
    • Standard Event Location
  • Oct 19-21
    • Standard Event Location
  • Nov 9-11
    • Standard Event Location
  • Dec 7-9
    • Standard Event Location


  • Jan 2019 4-6
    • Event location TBD.

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