Time Unit Submission

At Exile every character starts with two Time Units.  You can purchase up to three additional Time Units with Incentive Points.  (Meaning you can have up to five Time Units Per character.)  These can be used to do things between events.  These things can include, but are not limited to:

  • Making Money
  • Selling/Fencing items
  • Harvesting Components
  • Looking for information
  • Speaking to NPCs
  • Researching Items
  • Traveling

(Please find more details into the rules on time units in this handy excerpt from the rulebook: TIME UNITS)

In the week after an event, you can send in the following form so that at the start of the next event you will get an envelope with your time unit rewards.  Fill out the section “Describe the Request” with how many Time Units you spend on what.

We ask that you turn these forms in no later than a week following the event.  This gives us three weeks to complete them.  If you turn in your request later than a week after the event, we cannot guarantee that you will have your request completed.  If you turn your request in late, and we cannot complete it by the event, you can use your time units to get Money, Components, or Sell Items, but you cannot roll over Time Units to the next month.

Flavoring Time Units

You can flavor these actions however you want, and they are made purposfully generic so that anyone can take any of these actions and make them fit your character.  Do you play a diviner, in touch with the past, present and future?  Then maybe “Research” for you is asking the spirits, or getting visions. However, someone who plays a bookish scholar would say they found an interesting tome with this knowledge, or perhaps a rogue would reference a spy network.  If you are a merchant, “Easy Pay Day” could be you making money from your sales, whereas someone playing a member of a Noble House would say that “Easy Pay Day” is the money they receive from their family each month.

When you turn in your time-unit request form online, be sure to include what your character is doing to get these benefits and rewards, as it will add flavor to your month, and possibly color what kind of information or result you get.

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