Weapon Rules

This is not a page for in-game weapon rules, nor required lengths.  Though approved lengths will be at the bottom of this page, this is predominantly for what weapons can be used at Exile.

The weapons we want at Exile should be properly maintained and unable to cause injury.  The padding needs to be thick and soft enough that in combat it is not going to bruise.  Generally speaking, if you would not hit a 5 year old with a weapon that you are bringing to the game, you should not be bringing it to the game.

Melee Weapons


Melee weapons are approved on a case by case basis.  When you first come to the game, your weapons must be checked by our staff members.  If you have never been to the game before, and are not sure about the construction of your boffer weapons, know that if they fail inspection, we will loan you a weapon for the event.  We will also offer advice on what kind of weapons we are looking for at the game.  We have a tutorial on our site that will walk you through how to make a simple boffer sword.


There are many companies out there that make latex weapons, which look fancier than boffer, and more realistic.  Unfortunately, these weapons are very expensive, and there are some brands that make them too firm to be allowed at Exile.  Because some brands are back and forth on the stiffness of the foam, we have started reaching out to companies about their weapons to get examples of each.  We are slowly deciding which brands are largely pre-approved.

Currently, we have some sites that we have pre-approved.  Though these are not the ONLY latex weapons that are allowed at the game, you can purchase items from these vendors without worrying that they are going to get refused unless there is a defect or they have become dangerously hard for some reason.   (Storage, issues with shipping, age, etc.)

Forged Foam

Forgotten Dreams


Ranged Weapons

Exile uses either coreless boffer/latex props for ranged weapons like knives, rocks, axes, or spears.  These are, essentially, boffer or latex weapons that do not have any hard pieces to them, like a pipe in the core.

When it comes to arrows, Exile uses packet archery.  This is where you make “spell packets”, which are essentially little squares of cloth filled with birdseed.

We do not allow LARP arrows at Exile.  These are arrows with soft, pillowey tips that are fired from real bows with low draw poundage.  These cannot be used at this game.