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Downloadable Character Sheet

Any character sheets before this will not mirror the current sheets used in game.  This sheet is current as recently as December 2014, and any published before that month will not be useful to making your character.Character Sheet

If you want an example of how to fill out sheets, refer to the red text in the image to the right.  Any numbers not in red probably has some excel equations, so don’t change them.

You can download the editable file here:

00 Blank Sheet Campaign 2.0

You will also note that there is a back of the sheet that encourages you to fill out some pertinent character information.  While you do not HAVE to do this, doing so will give the NPCs a quick guide to who you are, and make it easier to include you in activities in which you may have interest!

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mal Jessica at, or ask the entire crew on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

When you fill out the sheet, if you want to e-mail it to, we will be able to print your sheet out at the game!

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