Exile: Fantasy December 2014 Event!

We have come to the end of our fourth year, and are about to celebrate our 4th December End of Year Ball!!  December events are traditionally only one day long, since we are all busy during the holiday seasons.December Banner

This year, the event is on the 13th of December, and sign-ins will begin at 11 AM (NPCS) and 2 PM (PCS).  We hope to kick the event off at sundown.  Our event will take place indoors in the home of one of our players, who is redecorating the entire house to be in-game and explorable.  Anyone who wishes to arrive on the 12th to help us set up the building is welcome, and will be given a place to sleep!


The event itself is a Masquerade dinner being thrown in the honor of the People of Brightwater.  The dinner takes place in the Kingdom of Laojian-Lu, and the Lord Feng, ruler of the kingdom, has offered to cover the (INGAME) cost of travel for all characters!  There will be nobles to impress, treasure to be impressed by, delicious dinner and drinks, and possible danger for dessert.  Dress in your finest garb, find the best mask you can, and get ready for a night of intrigue, dinner and danger.

NOTE: There may be combat, and there may even be combat that spills outdoors.  Be prepared when packing! 

We also do our annual gift exchange.  Everyone who attends gets a gift from the game itself, and our players use thisopportunity to exchange gifts with people they may otherwise not be able to see during the season.

The cost of this event is 20 dollars to PC and 20 to NPC.  However, if you volunteer to NPC as a server or guard, your event is free!  Even though you will be a server or guard, you will still have roleplaying opportunities, backstory, and parts to play, but you also may have to guard a treasure trove or collect dishes. Because of that, your event will be free!

For the address of the event, which is located in Williamstown, NJ, please write to Jessica at, or ask on the Facebook group!

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