Exile: Fantasy November 2014 Event!

Demon BackLadies and gentlemen, I am delighted to announce our November 2014 Event, written and directed by none other than our own Jon Langdon!  He’s got a lot of crazy in store for all of us, so come and join the show!

Remember, your first Exile event is free, and for everyone else the cost is always 20 dollars.  We have our own property and all the buildings with heat are heated by wood stoves, so pack enough bedding to keep warm if the fire goes out!

We are getting well into winter, so pack warm, bring extra layers and extra socks!  We play in Williamstown, NJ.  For the address, please write, or visit us on Facebook!

In addition to the wonderful event we have in store for you, you can also expect to see the first ever Murderball tryouts!  Murderball being a player driven league where they hope to put together a team and play other teams from around the world of Raia!  I am sure that in addition to the players we will need cheerleaders and pickpockets!

All who attend this event get their own special invitation to the December event, including one or two goodies with the invitation!  While anyone and everyone (characters and players) are welcome at the December murder mystery/heist/insanity, only those who attend in November get presents with their invitation!

Hope to see you soon!

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