Exile Moves into its 4th Year!

I just wanted to thank everyone for being with us for the 36 events so far!

For a game based out of a private property, that is pretty killer!  This game wouldn’t be possible without all of you, and I am delighted that we have come so far.

Thank you again for an incredible 3 year run.  Let’s go for four!

What do You Remember?

Leave a comment with some remarks about what your favorite moments from the past three years were!

January Event this Weekend

This weekend is our January event.  I hope to see everyone there.

As you know, the events are still 20 dollars to play, or free if it is your first event.

Please be aware that it is still winter, and no matter what the news says, this is New Jersey: the weather hates you.  Bring a lot of extra blankets and clothes to stay warm.

Work Day Offer

If you show up to the farm between 10 AM and 1 PM and help us set up, you will get workday credit.  This event might be cold and we need to button up some of the buildings, as well as stack fire-wood.  The NPC shed also needs some repairs.  If you have the time, please come on over!

Picture IP Reward

If you step out of game this event for an hour and take pictures for us, you will get 10 IP as a reward.  We will supply a camera.

Thank you again, folks!  Here is to another awesome year!

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