Friendly February

Well, January ‘s weather was miserable and rainy, but we got a nice mini-event out of it, where we all got soaked and got to have Clay running around covered in blood.


February Discount

That being said, in February, we traditionally have a half-off event if you bring someone new to the game.  This year is no different!

Event Date: January 31st through February 2nd.

If you bring someone to the game who has never played before, not only do they get the event free, but you get 1/2 off your event price!  And yes, this does apply to multiple people.  Each additional person you bring earns you a 1/2 off event coupon, good for any event this year.

In addition, this event, if you bring someone who did not attend in the entirety of 2013, but has attended Exile before, both you and they get 1/2 off this event.  Neat, eh?

The Exile Circular

We have started a monthly in-game newsletter at Exile, and your character can write for it!  If you wish to submit an article, simply fill out the article submission form, and you are off!

The Exile Circular was three (11×14) pages long.  Let’s make the next one 4!

Heck, if we have enough articles about enough things, we might make it bi-monthly.  You can submit articles about things happening in other kingdoms, and if it doesn’t clash with the on-going story, we will add it in!  Heck, something you write could very well make it into an event.  (The way we do things, it is very likely.)

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