Rocktober is Approaching

Nightmare event

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Over the past few months, it has become more and more apparent in the world of Raia that something is wrong with the Godly Realms.  A few priests and acolytes had noticed some time back that the entire divine realm has been locked off from the mortal realms.

For some time this was kept quiet as acolytes and priesthoods attempted to re-establish communication with their gods.  But now the word is out, and it seems like something will have to be done.

A contingent of priests and paladins from each of the kingdoms is heading out to Exile, to use the magic of the crater to try and gain entry to the divine realms and find out what has happened to lock them away.  As they begin to work their magics in Exile, more and more of the Crater’s denizens have reported having horrible nightmares, and some even claim that their nightmares have been joining with those of people around them.

The priests hope to use the Rise of Souls to fully power their magical attempt to enter the divine realms.  Many of the locals are terrified as to what this may mean for them.

And, of course, this is happening awfully close to Brightwater.  But, of course, the priests will try to stay out of the way, and keep out of Brightwater’s way.

What could go wrong?

As the month goes on, drawing closer to the time in October when the magic of the crater and the spirits therein reaches  its yearly peak, people in the Exile Crater experience worsening nightmares, and some even start to hallucinate that these nightmares have begun breaking into the real world…


Please make your way to the Fears Section, at the top of the Exile Fantasy page, to ensure that your Rocktober is personalized and terrifying!

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