April Fools!

Free to Play!!!

You read that right, Exile is now Free to Play! There will be no cost to PC or NPC at any Exile event.

Now, I’m sure your thinking,”But surely there must be something I can spend my hard-earned real-world money on?”

Well you are correct. Exile is happy to provide you with the following game enhancers:

Life Tokens: Think of these like extra lives. Not only do they allow you to come back quickly after dying, but they also negate Resurrection Sickness! Life Tokens can be purchased at sign-in for $12.

Charisma: A brand new stat for all characters! Each character starts every event with 6 Charisma. This influences decisions made on your behalf by NPCs. Temporary Charisma increases can be purchased from Staff Members at any time for $6.

Extra Points: Points are what keep you alive. They are what you draw from for Magic and Skill abilities. To keep your Maximum Points high, make sure to treat yourself to some extra Points! Points can be purchased at sign-in on the following scale:

1st Point: $0.60

2nd Point: $1.20

3rd Point: $1.80

4th Point: $2.40

5th Point: $3.00

6th Point: $3.60

7th Point: $4.20

8th Point: $4.80

9th Point: $5.40

10th Point: $6.00

11th Point: $6.60

12th Point: $7.20

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