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Exile Shops and Vendors (ESaV)

Welcome to Exile Shops and Vendors, or ESaV, as we like to call it. The larping community is supported by many real-world artisans, who have spent considerable time and effort honing their crafts to create weapons, costumes, jewelry, and a myriad of phys-reps that make our games that much more immersive.

However, our crafty friends can only spend a limited amount of time producing larp gear, as they cannot get enough clients to make a living.

We believe we can change this.

ESaV will funnel players to the smiths, seamstresses and armorers, enabling that to devote more time to their crafts. To help our artisans stay in business, we require that all weapons, costumes and be purchased through ESaV.

As of now, ESaV only consists of three vendors. But we hope that as our game expands, our list of vendors will as well. If you are a crafter,  and are interested in joining ESaV, please contact someone on Exile Staff.

List of Vendors

The Needle and Thread

The Needle and Thread is a group of seamstresses who make lovely costumes†, and like to deliver them in-game.  They take commissions over the internet or in person, for real-world money, and will do minor repairs at events for in-game money!

The Linx’s Chain

If you are looking for Chain Mail jewelry, look no further! For more information, visit The Linx’s Chain in the Exile forums.

The Boffer Shop

The Boffer Shop is your one stop spot to shop for officially sanctioned Exile weapons! Formed by a group of seasoned larpers, these smiths are experts at creating weapons that find the balance between safety and utility.

† Additional charges may apply for certain colors.

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