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Website Update Bingo

11 Website BingoWe are going to be updating our website here in the next few weeks.  With our game-world moving into a new campaign, we are also releasing an update to our rules.  I know we keep saying that we are going to STOP updating our rules, and I really hope that this is the last one!

While we do this site renovation, we are going to play Website Bingo!  The rules and game pieces for Website Bingo are listed on our Facebook Group, in addition to being listed at the end of this post!

Our game-world is fast-forwarding 50 years into the future as we begin a new campaign.  With a large rule-book overhaul, as well as policy changes and experience/rewards changes, we felt it would behoove our players to have a fresh start!  New players can join us in the opening days of a new world, and old players can enjoy some unlockable content that was not available in the first campaign (but was repeatedly asked for!)

Website Bingo

Rules for Website Update Bingo

This game has a few goals in mind.  It will help us make sure everything is edited properly, by having you guys comb through looking for your bingo squares.  It offers a fun and interactive way for everyone to familiarize themselves with the new game content. It will also allow each and every one of you who successfully fills out one card (one card per person), in adherence to the below rules, to get 2 whole dollars off of the next event!


Read the following rules and pick your cards.  This game begins Saturday, March 23rd, and ends on the Thursday before our next event!

1: Pick your card.

There are seven cards to choose from.  You pick your card by going to the picture of it in our face book group, and commenting “This one.”

2: Pay attention to site updates.

Most of the time I will mention that an update has gone up.  Sometimes, however, I won’t!

3: When you find one of your squares, you must announce that you have found it.

You will notice that we have a picture for each individual square.  If, say, you find a grammatical error, you would go to that picture and comment on it with the error, and where you found it.  This will help us correct said errors.

Once a grammar/spelling/whatever Error has been corrected, it is no longer usable for bingo.  So, find your errors first!

An error that is fixed will be announced under its corresponding picture.

4: You must use the pictures and comments sections on our Facebook group to participate.

Further rules will be added as we think of them.

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