Exile’s 2nd Campaign: The Other Side

Brightwater is a small area of stable land almost directly in the center of the ever-shifting magical morass that is the Crater of Exile.  After the Kingdom of Exile was established, some 57 years ago, the town of Brightwater was considered to be the capitol of the Kingdom.  However, after the Destroyer War a larger portion of stable land was discovered much closer to the King of Exile’s home kingdom of Delluuz.

The king and his court packed up shop and moved from the area of Brightwater to the much larger Lightfall.  There they have been for almost 40 years.

In those 40 years, Brightwater fell into slight disrepair.  Without the direct support of the king and the Accord the people of Brightwater were unable to upkeep the area as well as they had.  The majority of the town’s respectable members moved with the king and raised their families in Lightfall instead.

That being said, Brightwater will always be a haven for those who long for adventure, seek to make their fortunes, or simply wish to operate without much involvement from the authorities.  Thus, the town of Brightwater kept alive with a steady enough influx of travelers that a small number of regular inhabitants were able to make it their home.

In the past few months, magical energies have been picking up in the crater.  Most scholars have noted that there haven’t been this many surges of magical activity since the Destroyer War, and a number of people with great interest in the phenomenon have begun to travel through the crater, curious at the new development.

The King of Exile has shown little interest in the developments, stating that Exile will always be open for anyone who wishes to brave the wild.  Thus travelers have begun to migrate through Brightwater with more regularity, much to the dismay of some of the town’s more hermetic denizens, and the delight of the town’s more diplomatic or devious citizens.  More people through the town means more people to buy from, sell to, or rob.

This where you find yourselves as the campaign begins.  A number of people have been in the town for some time, and it has generally been a quiet affair.  A few of the usual upsets happen over the years, but nothing as exciting as Brightwater’s not-so-humble beginnings.  Others of you shall arrive just as the excitement begins to kick off, and will be there just in time to join in the fun.  And so we start the first event of Exile: Fantasy’s second campaign: The Other Side.

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