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Exile March Event: WAR!!!!

Coolest Exile Picture everWAR!

Our players go to war in the final event of Exile’s Second Campaign!  The people of Exile have spent the three months since they attempted to assassinate the Emperor of Laojian-Lu trying to avoid war; alas, diplomacy has done nothing.

Now our intrepid denizens of Brightwater prepare to defend their town against the incoming army.  Everyone hopes and prays that the Armies of Exile reach the town before the Armies of Laojian-Lu, but the incoming forces are neck and neck.

Will you be able to hold your ground, defending the town of Brightwater until your Kingdom’s army arrives to take over?  Or will this be the famous last stand that Brightwater will ever make?

Join us in the final battle of our Second Campaign!  You decide who will be victorious!


When: March 6-8th

Where: The Craig Farm, write for the address.

How Much: 20 $ (FIRST EVENT FREE!)

What is included: Food, lodging, experience: THE WORKS!

Who: YOU!

Why: Because you are a hero!

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