Exile’s Feb 2015 Event Was AMAZING!

The second to last event of this campaign was a blast!  The town is getting ready for war, as the Laojian-Lu army marches ever closer to Brightwater.  Next event will be the deciding factor in who takes Brightwater for the war between Laojian-Lu and Exile.  If the players hold the town, Exile will have a strong position in the upcoming war!  If the players lose the town, Laojian-Lu will have a strong foothold in the Crater, and the young Kingdom of Exile may not live to see its hundredth anniversary.


Tychonius Bellstill, destroyer of Main Villains!

Exile is played in Campaigns of about 2 years.  After the campaign is over, we move forward a few years in the world and start a new story.  This gives our players a chance to make new and exciting characters for a new story arc, it gives new players a chance to get on equal footing with the old hats, and lets us tell a story that has a beginning, middle and end.  In that story: the players are the stars!
Our players this event thwarted an effort by Laojian-Lu to set up a portal near the town.  Had they succeeded with their magic, Laojian-Lu would have been able to teleport most of their army directly to Brightwater, and gotten a foot in the door a month early!  Thank the gods for the people of Brightwater!  They found the portal, disabled it over the day, and guarded the area until it was completely destroyed.  Good teamwork and planning all around!

Stay tuned for the Final Chapter in “The Other Side” campaign!

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