World Information


In the world of Raia, the most populated continent (and speculated to be the only continent) is marred by a blemish, untold miles in diameter. This scar is called Exile. The land of Exile is unstable and dangerous, with only small areas of land considered to be stable. If you spend the night in Exile, and are not safely inside one of the stable areas, you could very well wake up someplace different, as something different. It is not uncommon to find creatures or things in Exile that were once unwary travelers.

It would seem that no one would ever want to stay in this cursed place, and the various kingdoms of the world do not lay claim to any part of Exile. They do, however, make use of the no-man’s-land as a dumping ground for all of their political outcasts and miscreants. Kingdoms will send lawbreakers into Exile, rather than spend the funds to keep them locked away in a prison. To be sent into Exile is usually considered a death sentence, but some people survive.

It is in one of the largest known stable plots of land that our game takes place. Half a century ago, enterprising travelers and noblemen carved a small kingdom out of the wilds of Exile.  Much to the surprise of practically everyone, this kingdom has survived the years, and is growing stably as a reliable center of travel and commerce.  In the early years of the kingdom, the major kingdoms around Exile caused the new government of Exile a lot of trouble.  Because of this, the current reigning King and Queen find a perverse pleasure in granting asylum to anyone who has been exiled from other kingdoms.  Essentially, you can become a citizen of Exile, no matter what your crimes, as long as a current nobleman or woman grants you citizenship; and they almost always do.

Here, our game starts. The Accord welcomes all who seek sanctuary on their land. They are for hire to any country who can afford them, and they only ask that anyone who settle in their land not cause trouble. With all of the traffic through the Accord Territory, and the political drifts that the Accord activities effect, everyone who keeps their eyes open in the Crater could achieve anything they could imagine, wealth, power, or even simply a pardon, and an open hand to go back home.

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