Needle and Thread

N&TThe Needle and Thread is a group of seamstresses who make lovely costumes, and like to deliver them in-game.  They take commissions over the internet or in person, for real-world money, and will do minor repairs at events for in-game money!

Check out their new website!

Guidelines for the Needle and Thread

  1. DSC00907Seamstresses for The Needle and Thread work at a basic rate of $7 an hour. Special additions and alterations cost more depending on the difficulty, type, and/or amount of applications. This rate calculates for one (1) trip to a fabric vendor, two (2) custom fittings and one (1) repair. The average commission (shirts, pants, cloaks) takes about three to six (3-6) hours to complete (including shopping hours).
  2. The customer pays for the pattern, fabric, and notions for his clothing*.
  3. A seamstress MUST accompany you to pick out fabric and notions from a fabric vendor.
  4. When deciding on clothing, customers are encouraged to pick out of Simplicity Patterns.
  5. Clothing shall be delivered “In Game.”*
  6. Commissions are limited to two to four (2-4) per month span (depending). Commissions close two (2) weeks prior to events. Customers are encouraged to submit commissions during events or one week afterwards.
  7. Seamstresses have the right to decline commissions after reviewing complexity of patterns.
  8. Seamstresses will no longer accept food as a payment; some barters, however, may still be acceptable upon mutual agreement.

*Unless otherwise stated or requested.

As you can see above, the Needle and Thread does an amazing job, and Baylee is an incredible seamstress.

To contact the Needle and Thread, either comment at the bottom of this page, e-mail Baylee at, or check out their Needle and Thread Facebook page!

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