LARP United

Those of us at Exile are proud to support an endeavor called LARP United.

LARP United is based on the idea that LARPs and LARPers should be a collective community where everyone welcomes each other and comes together in friendship and alliance.  The idea is to grow the LARPing subculture in its entirety and to cross-promote the various different LARPs that partake in this unity in order to maximize exposure and bring the various wonderful worlds that each individual LARP creates to as many people of this amazing subculture as possible. *

*Text stolen directly from the VC webpage, because they put it best.

How do I join LARP United?

If you run a LARP, no matter how small, and want to be involved in LARP United, please contact me at, or as Jessica on our forum.

If you have played in ANY other LARP United game in the same month that you come to Exile, you get a 5 dollar discount to play at Exile!

LARPs involved in the endeavor:


The Vorydian Chronicles


We have made wonderful friends in a LARP from middle/northish Jersey.  It is called VC for short, and we very much enjoy their game.

VC is a fantasy steam-punk game with a wonderful player base.  They are very welcoming to new players, and their game world is detailed and brilliant.  They very quickly made us feel at home, and like we are useful to what is going on.

Click the picture above for their website, or check them out over at

Incentives to go:

  • It rocks… So…  There is that…

For players from Exile going to VC:

  • Your first event at VC is only 5 $ (This is universal)
  • Each subsequent event is 10$ off
  • You will receive 150 XP at Exile for each month that you attend VC

For VC Players coming to Exile

  • Your first event is 10 free!
  • Each subsequent event is 5 dollars off.
  • You will get extra starting goodies when you sign in
  • We will not set you on fire for at least an hour  🙂

We are all really excited about this LARPing friendship, so let’s make the most of it!

(Really, guys, they let us have NERF guns over there.)


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