Drugs and Alcohol Policy


You are allowed to have alcohol at Exile, provided that you are over the age of 21.  However, it is dangerous to be under the influence of alcohol while fighting out in the woods, so we ask that you drink in moderation, and if you feel that you have had too much, you should stay in town and not go into combat.  If you remove yourself from causing trouble, then you will not be penalized.  If you get reported, however, you will be removed from the game for the weekend.  If it happens again, you will no longer be allowed to drink at the game. 

If you are found to be disruptive because of alcohol during the game you will be asked to have someone take you home.

If it is a recurring problem, you will not be allowed to come back.

Illegal Substances

Exile’s policy on illegal substances is un-moving. If you are found to have an illegal substances while on the property, or are under the influence of any illegal substances when you are on the property, you will be asked to leave and will not be welcome back.

If you do not leave as you are asked, the authorities will be called. We have no sense of humor on this subject.

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