BetaCon 2022

Our LARP is heading over to Betacon with Lost Valley Legacy, to meet new folks and have a fantastic time!

If you have found our site from BetaCon, hello! Nice to meet you, and welcome to Exile!

Beta Con RPS Prizes

The winning team of the Rock Paper Scissor War Game gets a free event at Exile and a magic item! (And that is either winning team, if the Lost Valley Legacy team wins, they get this prize as well!) You have to have given us your e-mail address so we can send you an e-mail confirmation of your prize.

Brief About Us

We have been running since 2011, and every 2 to 3 years we reset our characters, have everyone make new ones, and change up the world a bit. We find this keeps the world fresh and new, and combats the ever present Power Creep.

Our next big reset is in 2023, we are starting a whole new campaign world and launching in March. It is the perfect time to check out our game. Everyone starting on even footing!

If you have any questions you can make your way over to one of our online meeting places, Discord or Facebook, and there are plenty us who are online (probably online more often than is healthy), and we are always happen to babble and chat!

You can check out our Facebook:

You can check out our Discord:


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